Every beehive should have a varroa bottom board

Varroa bottom board features and material

  • varroa bottom board is made of pine wood, double coated with water-resistant brown color, unpainted on the inside
  • parts are glued together using an innoxious glue and reinforced with wood screws
  • there is a metal mesh covering nearly entire bottom area
  • the entrance has built-in guillotine door allowing to set height and width using spacers. Entrances come in two colors - red or green
  • the varroa bottom board has a removable back, held by swivels making it accessible in all its height and width
  • there is a white 2mm High Impact Polystyrene Sheet (HIPS), that goes underneath the mesh acting as a varroa sticky board without disturbing the bees
  • the same sheet fits inside the bottom board and acts as a tray for sugar syrup feeding with quick access without heat loss

The bottom board can be made for all types of beehives with supers:

  • wood board/insulated/our polystyrene HiveTD beehive
  • with or without standing seams

Main, but not the only purpose of constructing our varroa bottom board was a comfortable use of Varroa Terminator without the need of lifting the brood chamber. The lower panel of Varroa Terminator easily slides inside the varroa bottom board

It is convenient to use this varroa bottom board on every beehive regardless if the beekeeper plans on using Varroa Terminator or not. All is ready, in case he changes his mind about hyperthermic treatment for varroa mites and indeed decides to use Varroa Terminator.