Varroa Terminator device is capable of heating brood chamber and its contents, allowing hyperthermic varroosis treatment of bee colonies without chemicals

Varroa Terminator features and advantages

  • the treatment is fully controlled by a digital thermostat with sensor
  • the device does not harm bees, larvae nor eggs
  • allows varroosis treatment throughout entire season
  • it is not a permanent part of beehive, it is possible to use it in any beehives with supers
  • it is possible to treat 2 colonies in a day with one device
  • there is no need to sweep bees from honeycomb, handling is very easy
  • unique design of traps keeps varroa mites that fell off bees inside brood chamber. Mites either die from heat or drown in gaps
  • bees and queen are allowed to temporarily leave the brood chamber during treatment using gateways in traps, varroa mites are blocked from doing so
  • there are four Petri dish evaporators of sufficient size and special construction, preventing bees from accessing water and starting cooling
  • evaporation ensures required relative humidity (60-70%) - eggs and larvae do not die out

Package contents

  • 2 Varroa Terminator heating panels (lower with traps and upper full)
  • 2 power cables
  • 4 evaporators
  • 2 replacement fuses
  • 1 syringe

Conditions of use

  • device´s inner dimensions matching size of a super, solved at order
  • power supply 230V/50Hz, either from a socket, the cars´ voltage converter or from a generator

Technical data

  • power consumption per one Varroa Terminator is approximately 120 W
  • power consumption per one treatment is approximately 0,3-0,4 kWh

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