• We help beekeepers get rid of varroa mites. Without chemicals.

    Our device Varroa Terminator kills varroa mites on bees and brood with great effect.
    The device can be used throughout entire beekeeping season.
  • We make beehives where colonies are stronger and make more honey.

    Our beehives minimize energy losses and lead excess humidity away.
    Beehives ensure strong development in Spring and comfortable wintering.

What we do



We solved varroosis treatment using hyperthermia and enhanced varroa monitoring.



We make styrofoam beehives and multipurpose varroa bottom boards.



We are conducting energy management research in bee colonies, based on which we developed our products.

About Us


Our company HIVET s.r.o. was funded in year of 2013 in Nitra, Slovakia. As a basis, we took over 40 years of experience with beekeeping on a smaller and larger scale. Before the start of the company, we spent about 4 years investigating the hyperthermic treatment of varroosis directly in the hive, and at the same time we focused on measuring and evaluating energy loss in current hives.

Core ideology

1. Focus predominantly on revolutionary products that represent a jump improvement in the field
2. Continually improve and upgrade products with backward compatibility guarantee
3. The resulting product price must be less than added value for the customer